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Thermal Camera System

          Mobile System

Seek Scan Camera


Thermal Camera Black Body

Automated Temperature Screening System

The V3i Automated Temperature Screening System (ATSS) is a simple, low-cost, thermal imaging system designed to automate body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy. With ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) accuracy and the inclusion of a reference heat source, ATSS delivers the same performance as an infrared temporal thermometer – but automated from a safe social distance.

The system can be installed in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help businesses, institutions and venues reopen a safer environment for their workforce, customers, members and patrons. Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, the system can be up and running quickly with no special equipment or training.

Fever Camera System

How it works

ATSS uses a thermal camera (Seek Scan) from Seek Thermal that is specifically designed and calibrated to deliver accurate skin temperature measurements while enabling social distancing protocols. In seconds, the system automatically detects a face, identifies the most reliable facial features (typically the inner canthus ) for measurement, and displays an estimated body temperature. A visual and audible alert is provided if someone is warmer than the customizable alarm temperature.

The process is quick, starting with the subject stepping on the floor mark and looking at the monitor, a blue box appears which indicates measuring has begun, the blue box then changes state to either green (pass) or red (fail). The system can be set to record images and temperatures in it’s logging section for later review if desired.

ATSS can be used as a monitored screening system with an operator viewing the 23” touch screen LED monitor with swivel arm mount or the system can be used for personnel self-screening. ATSS units can be located at access points or in other indoor areas of the facility.

Blue Box

Detecting face and
measuring temp

Green Box

Estimated body temp
is below normal

Red Box

Estimated body temp
is above normal

In The Box
(Ready-to-use system)

  • Personnel Monitor
  • Screener Monitor (touch screen)
  • Assembled mobile cart
  • Industrial mini-PC
  • Wireless keyboard w/mouse
  • Thermal/video camera
  • Regulated heat source w/tri-pod
  • Assembly instructions
  • Quick start guide


  • ATSS screens one person at a time
  • ATSS should be used in climate controlled areas
  • ATSS meets 5/2020 FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment
  • The temperature display can be turned off
  • ATSS is accurate to ±.5° F
  • ATSS does not detect illness, fever, virus or infection
  • ATSS is as accurate as a temporal thermometer, but from a safe social distance
  • Eyewear should be removed to use ATSS
  • A mask can typically be worn using ATSS
  • No special training is required to use ATSS
  • ATSS measurement time is approximately 1 second