In-Ear Hearing Protection Headset System
Bosch ROAMEO Clarity
Domino Clarity

In-Ear Hearing Protection Headset System

The CLARITY Headset system from V3i provides the user with, noise reduction, dual speakers, a single amplified in ear microphone and PTT unit for both the DOMINO communicator and Bosch RTS/Telex based equipment.

The V3i CLARITY Headset System is unmatched for a compact, lightweight, hearing protection headset with in-ear microphone; CLARITY provides the solution to many common communications headset challenges in industrial settings.

CLARTIY’s features set it apart

  • The in-ear microphone reduces ambient noise introduced into the comms system and provides CLARITY for all users on the party-line.
  • Mask compatible! Use the headset system with hygiene masks, dust masks, facial respirators, or hooded
  • CLARITY eartips by Comply limit unwanted noises both into your ears and into the Comms system and provide minimum 24 db NRR.
  • Designed with safety in mind. Issuable headset/earbuds follow the 2020 CDC COVID guidelines for critical
  • A detachable earset provides hearing protection while workers are transitioning to the work area as well as where the radios are used.
  • Allows a lower cost, individual earset to be issued to more workers instead of investing in many high cost headsets or settling for poor performing units.
  • Standard battery provides more than 80 hours of runtime on