Wireless Communications Solutions for the Nuclear Power Plant

The Requirement

Work evolutions within Nuclear Power Plants require real-time, verbal communication between personnel. Due to factors such as distance, background noise and location of personnel, wireless bi-directional communication systems are required for personnel to communicate. The wireless communications systems must be robust, high quality and user-friendly but above all else; reliable.

The Challenge

Nuclear Power Plants present distinct challenges to the use of wireless communications of all types. Certainly the most challenging area of a nuclear plant is the reactor building.  A hemispherical dome, thick concrete walls, steel liners, large bodies of water and internal steel and concrete structures mean that wireless  based systems  face challenges of all types, with the most prevalent being signal multipath propagation and signal attenuation.

The Solution

V3 Integrators understands the requirements and the challenges learned from our 50 plus years of experience working in nuclear plants.

Nuclear power plants are as different as they are similar. Likewise, solutions for communications that meet the requirements and challenges will be as different as they are similar.

There is no “one product fits all applications “solution when it comes to critical nuclear plant’s communications. V3I integrates systems that utilize various frequencies, connectivity and infrastructure requirements into single, enterprise style communications systems that meet the unique challenges found in different types of nuclear plants.

Hybrid Communications System Example